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The Great British Hen Party

After working with hen parties for the past 6 years, I consider myself somewhat of expert on these fabulous events.

A bride to be’s hen party is a momentous occasion to be celebrated with her closest friends and family.  It’s a celebration of that special person’s life before marriage.   

My company organises and delivers pampering treats to groups of ladies (and some men).  I have a unique insight into these parties as I not only organise them, my team and I attend our bookings providing treatments such as massage and manicures.

I know that when I receive a booking, the organiser is usually under a certain amount of stress. It is a big responsibility that most of us will go through at one point or another in our life.  Organising a hen party can be hard work and a great achievement when it all comes together.

Considerations when organising a hen party

  • Establishing a budget
  • Contacting the hens of friends (some you have never met)
  • Choosing your location
  • Agreeing on accommodation
  • Select activities everyone will enjoy
  • The list goes on……

When we arrive at the various venues, homes and holiday homes.  I am always struck by the warm welcome we receive from the moment the door opens. Every party is different whether it’s a group of friends or a mixture of friends and family.  Party’s guests ages range from teenagers to pensioners. All with one common interest. The bride.

During our treatments we get to chat to our clients about their lives.  Many guests have busy lives and relish the fact they are way from it all even for a short while. Hen parties are renowned for boozey nights out and fancy dress; it means so much more than this!

I think these occasions are about a group of woman taking the time to enjoy and appreciate each other’s company.  I have witnessed beautiful transactions of affections between guests that have sometimes brought me to tears.  A real sense of comradeship and friendship offering each other support and advice.

In our lives we have many responsibilities and obligations that quickly become a part of our everyday routines. Children, partners and occupational and requirements all contribute.  It’s rare to be able to take time off from all of these. Hen parties are an opportunity for a rest bite. A chance to get new perspectives on issues that may be affecting you; gaining collective ideas and counsel from other females.

A time to dress up, let your hair down and enjoy!

Long live The British Hen Party…. That’s what I say!

Charlotte Every

Director – Therapist

The Perfect PamperTeam Pamper

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