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Girls Night In Top Tips and Ideas

Girls night in top tips and ideas


So, I started writing this blog about great tips for girls’s nights in, I was really liking my own suggestions after seeing them work so well at the pamper parties I work at.  I quickly came to the realisation that actually, I want a girls night in!  It’s my birthday coming up and instead of doing the usual of going out for a meal and then heading to the pub I thought actually why don’t I just invite my pals over to mine for a pyjama party/pamper party/major gossip/sleep over.

Charlotte’s Ultimate  Girl’s Birthday Night in check list

I have asked everyone to wear their most comfortable clothes, make up need not apply.

I have chosen Mexican as my cuisine of choice as it’s my favourite and it’s my birthday.  I’ve asked everyone to bring a dish.  I will need to make a list and ask every to choose something to make and bring or else we all end up just eating Nachos and dips….

I have booked our massage and beauty therapists to come my house, late afternoon.  This was a very popular idea with my pals as they all lead very busy lives and the fact that all they have to do is come to mine and lay on a massage couch was a real winner.

I’m going to download Just Dance on my sons Wii Switch and ask everyone to choose 3 favourite tunes for the evening dance battle.

Buy Cake, lots of!

Girls Night in… Sorted 😊

So that’s my party sorted, why not start organising your own.  I’ve added some tried and tested ideas below.

Girls Night In Top Tips and Ideas

Girls night in top tips and ideas

  1. Ultimate Pamper Party – Book The Perfect Pamper to deliver you beautiful beauty and life changing massage treatments at home 🙂
  2. Pyjama Party – Kick back in your favourite non constricting relaxed leisure wear and load up those chick flicks.
  3. Team Foody Night – Don’t let the host do all the work, make this a team effort.  Choose a menu or a country of choice cuisine. Everyone pick a dish they are happy to make and bring along and feast out.
  4. Theme Karaoke Night–  Choose your favourite film or musical and theme it up with costumes, make up and throw in some Karaoke!
  5. Clothes Swap – Go through your clothes & accessories. Pick out those items that you’ve been meaning to take to to the charity shop.  Enjoy an evening of charity shop shopping without leaving the house. Create new outfits and looks, with tips and advice from your pals.
  6. Self Educating Wine tasting – Wished you could know the difference between a Chardonnay and a Chablis or a Beaujolais and  a Bordeaux ? Why not learn and taste together. So next time you are choosing a wine at dinner, you might have a better understanding.  We love this website perfect beginners guide.
  7. Just Dance Battle – Now, this can become very competitive..  Pick your favourite tunes, move the furniture and dance your feet off. This can also be done remotely from your own homes if you have the right tech set up.

Enjoy some much needed time with your friends and family in the cosy surroundings of your own home.  Enjoy! 

Written by Charlotte Every 


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