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Brighton Hen Party Ideas

Brighton has to be one of the top destinations for hen parties in the UK and even Europe. There is so much to see and do for all ages, tastes and budgets.

People come to party and enjoy all that Brighton has to offer, and there is a lot to enjoy!

A hen party is a beautiful occasion, where women come together and spend time with a dear friend or family member special occasion. A time for women to take the time to enjoy and appreciate each other’s company and reflect and celebrate their relationship with the bride.

In our humble but very experienced opinion, renting a house in Brighton is by the best thing you can do if you are planning to stay a couple of nights in Brighton. Many of the Hen Houses can accommodate up 20 -30 people!


Beatnik Stables


Why Rent A House

  1. Plenty of Privacy. You can sit around in your onesie, make up free with 0 cares.
  2. You are all under one roof. No knocking on peoples hotel rooms trying to rally everyone up. You can just all head to the kitchen make yourselves a drink, instead of paying hotel bar prices.
  3. You can bring your own food and booze.
  4. It can be a lot cheaper than staying at a hotel.
  5. There are so many fun activities you can do from your house. There are many services that can be delivered straight to your door.

Hen House Activities

Cocktail Masterclass on a budget. Choose the brides three favourite cocktails and have a little practice at home using You Tube Videos. Buy the ingredients out of the shared kitty and set the bar area up in your hen party house.  Dress up in your little black numbers and enjoy making and sipping the fruits of your labour.


Mobile Pamper Parties

The Perfect Pamper


Hen Pamper Parties are an ideal hen party activity.  Choose the spa to come to you with gorgeous and indulgent treatments such as: Massage, manicures & beauty facials. Great idea for ice breaker on the Friday Night, or maybe a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning. Everyone loves to be pampered, perfect activity for all to enjoy.

If you would like to Spice things up a little, why not have your own Personal Butler wait on the Bride and her hens at your rented house. They really are great fun, play games and make the bride to feel really special.

We are not born with the knowledge of applying our make up, it’s pretty much learn on the job for most of us. Have you longed to create the perfect black swept eye liner or perfect the smokey eyes? A Make up Masterclass from the professionals could be a great activity on a Saturday afternoon before the big night out. Using  your own make up selection you will learn the tricks of the trade!

Instead of traipsing outside looking for that perfect restaurant that will happily accommodate 20 tipsy women? Why not book your own Personal Chef and waitress to come to yours! Have you and your party waited on, your glasses filled while dining on fine food with no washing up!

Hen Party Ideas Brighton


There are many hen party house company Brighton for you to choose from here are some of our favourites:


Brighton Hen party Ideas  Beach house HoveBrighton hen party ideas

There is something for everyone in Brighton!

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