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Baby shower planning ideas

Baby shower planning ideas

Planning For a Baby Shower

With the media surrounding the new arrival of Prince Archie, queries of baby showers, as well as one of our own team about to enjoy another mini member to her family, babies are definitely trending here at The Perfect Pamper H.Q.

If you have been given the honored role of baby shower coordinator, whether it’s  for a friend, family member or even a colleague’s maternity leave get together, pampering treats are a big hit.

It’s usual to book the celebration for the last trimester of the pregnancy so planning is key. Every pregnancy is different as well as the mum to be’s personal preference.

Our team, have shared their tips from years of experience and training knowledge (as well as some being mum’s themselves) for arranging a touch of pampering to your celebration and maybe even surprising the new mum to be.

Skincare facials

Skincare facials
Skincare facials

There is an unfortunate myth that if you are pregnant you will automatically be expected to have clear and glowing skin. Not necessarily. Many women report that their skin is annoyingly imbalanced and sometimes a bit dull. This can come from all the hormonal changes not to mention the deprived sleep due to trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, standard 4am trips to the loo and babies deciding that nighttime is the ideal time to throw some shapes and have a stretch.

Facials are a really lovely treat for an expectant mum. We use natural skincare products so no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or other scary looking ingredients that can both irritate the skin and senses.

Facial massage has been a long time favourite for many beauty and wellbeing enthusiasts. Regular use of this wonderful treatment use has been well documented to producing noticeably positive results to both the appearance and feel to your skin.

It’s also incredibly relaxing as people are often quite surprised by how much tension they hold in their face from squinting, teeth clenching (as with tense shoulders, they don’t realise they do it) and other facial expressions. Many a client has drifted on in to a snooze whilst having a facial especially when incorporated with an Indian head massage. Heaven.

Manicure and pedicure

Mobile nail bar

A good choice for a gift but keep in mind that some women say that smells seem to be stronger than usual, which could well include polish.

If you are planning for any seated treatments rather than ones where she would be lying down, a chair with a good back rest is vital in your planning (important for anyone anyway) to support the lower back.

Feet treatments whether it’s with or without varnish are really popular for pregnancy because of feeling particularly achy in the legs and ankles. This area can get a bit neglected into the latter months for some women due to the added challenge of not seeing your feet, let alone reaching them to tidy and paint immaculate coats of varnish. An often highly appreciated pamper treat!


Massage for baby showers

In our many years of experience in organising baby pamper showers, massage without a doubt is one of the most popular treatments. Massage treatments are recommended only after the 1st trimester, (12 weeks) so ensure your baby shower event is booked after this time.

Massage effectively treats the conditions and aches and pains that may occur through pregnancy. Our specially trained therapists, relieve swollen legs, ankles and arms using relaxing, specific lymph drainage techniques, giving immediate relief to Mum to be.

Lower back pain and shoulder can be soothed with a gentle flowing kneading massage routine, alleviating pressure in areas of discomfort. Treatments can be given in a seated or laying in a sideline position on a massage couch.

As a company we are focused on using natural products for our treatments. This includes nourishing oils such as grapeseed, rosehip seed, avocado & jojoba.  These all have amazing beneficial properties to help moisturise and nurture your skin.

There are limited presents you can buy for a loved one who is pregnant.  A mum-to-be beauty or massage is the perfect gift that will she will appreciate long after her treatment has finished.

This Blog was written by

Christiana Howell – Beauty Consultant | Beauty Lecturer & Therapist

Charlotte Every – Pregnancy massage therapist & Aromatherapist

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